Replacement Checks For Those Expired, Damaged or Lost

Whether a check has expired, been damaged or is lost, one can get a replacement. 

Issue Accounts Payable Checks HR/Payroll Checks
Expired or Damaged Check Return the check to TSS at 62R Talbot Avenue, Medford, Attn: Accounts Payable. Return the check to TSS at 62R Talbot Avenue, Medford, Attention Payroll.
Lost Checks Start by verifying the status of the check: With the check number log into PO/Payment Inquiry to see if it has been cashed by the vendor/individual. If it has been cashed, you can receive a copy of the check from A/P, show the vendor and thus deny the replacement request.  If it hasn’t been cashed, you can request a Stop Payment and a check reissue. Contact TSS at or call 617-627-7000.
Contact TSS at or call 617-627-7000.  The check will need to be cancelled before it can be replaced.

Please include a note indicating whether the payee’s address is correct or needs to be updated.  AP checks are usually replaced in the next check run, but allow for one day of processing after notification of check request.  HR replacement checks are usually done via direct deposit at the next payroll.  Checks stale date after 90 days.  Payments over three years old are considered abandoned property and payees should contact the State of MA for more information.