Reserve Tufts: An Improved Space & Reservation System Coming in 2019

Posted: November 30, 2018
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Huddle Room at 574 Boston Avenue, Room 110

Reserve Tufts will provide a one-stop shopping experience for room reservations and event planning.

In January, University leadership launched a strategy study of Tufts’ Event and Space Management practices which included: 120 stakeholder interviews across all campuses, market research, benchmarking of 23 peer institutions, and interviews with 17 institutions that had implemented best practices.

As a result of the study and in response to University-wide feedback about the challenges with reserving space and planning events, Tufts will be launching an upgraded EMS system in 2019 that will provide:

  • Comprehensive Inventory of Reservable Space
    • All classrooms including auditoriums, studios, and teaching labs, common areas such as atriums, athletic facilities, large lounge spaces, and galleries, meeting rooms, study rooms, and athletic facilities will be incorporated into Reserve Tufts for faculty, staff, and students to easily search by space feature, determine availability, and request a reservation.
  • One-Stop Shopping Experience for Event Planning
    • With the submission of a space reservation request, users will be able to order additional event services, such as: Catering, AV services, Event Setup services, Police Detail, etc.
  • Accurate and Up-to-Date Space Information
    • Each space will have detailed and accurate information regarding use policies, amenities, available setup options, contact information, etc.
  • Integration with Outlook
    • Space and event reservations can be made through Outlook and changes to meeting / event details will translate seamlessly to the space reservation.

Please note: While all reservable spaces will be managed in Reserve Tufts, it will not impact the current space use policies governing each reservable space. As is the case for most spaces now, users will submit a request to use the space and the primary space point of contact will approve or deny the request based on space availability and policies. If a space has managed or restricted access, Reserve Tufts will allow the right controls to be put in place.

Online Demo Videos

To see what Reserve Tufts will look like, please click the links to view online demo videos:

Reserve Tufts will streamline the space and event reservation process, improve efficiency and ease of use, so you can spend more time on higher-value activities! Additionally, Reserve Tufts will provide Public Safety and risk managers insight into all events occurring on campus to ensure safety and security; this is not possible today with the fragmented systems and discreet record keeping.

Roll-Out Plan

Reserve Tufts roll-out will occur in phases, tackling each campus one at a time in the following order:  Medford / Somerville, Grafton, and Boston (Medical Campus and SMFA).

ReserveTufts Timeline

Reserve Tufts Roll-Out Plan

The rollout will occur in 5 primary steps led by the Reserve Tufts implementation team:

  1. Develop Campus Based Teams
    • Identify 1-3 individuals from each campus to support Reserve Tufts implementation
  2. Launch Survey to Validate and Collect Space Information
    • Send survey to primary POCs for each reservable space to validate existing information and collect missing information on the space (e.g. policies, features, setup options)
    • This step is critical for the success of this effort and complete survey participation will be necessary to achieve all benefits
  3. Load Information and Confirm
    • Populate and/or update information in Reserve Tufts and confirm Reserve Tufts entry with primary POC
  4. Provide Training on Reserve Tufts
    • Provide in-person and online training for how to use Reserve Tufts
  5. Launch System
    • Turn on the system to allow future appointments to be loaded
    • Two weeks later, the system will “Go-Live” for appointments to start


ReserveTufts Timeline table

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

Will everyone be able to book my space now?

No. Your current space use policies will be reflected in Reserve Tufts. For example, if your department gets priority access to the space up to 30 days in advance, this policy can be stated in the room description and enforced by the primary space POC managing reservation requests.

Reserve Tufts will not change any of the policies that are currently in place at its onset. It will just transition the system in which these policies are enforced, so that all space reservations are managed in a single location.

What if my space is open for anyone to book, do I have to approve requests?

No. For spaces with automatic approval based on availability, this policy can be reflected in Reserve Tufts. This means that instead of users submitting a request that will need to be approved, they can just book the space if the space is open. Please indicate this policy when asked in the Reserve Tufts survey.

Is Reserve Tufts a new system?

Reserve Tufts is an upgraded, enhanced, optimized, and rebranded version of the existing space reservation system, Event Management System (EMS). The front end is getting a significant facelift, the full system is being integrated with Outlook, and all reservable spaces are being loaded to provide a one-stop shopping experience.

At this point in time, the back end of the system is not significantly changing. So, primary space points of contact (e.g., those who review and confirm reservation requests) already using EMS will not be impacted by the transition to Reserve Tufts.

Will the system upgrade happen for all campuses when it occurs for Medford / Somerville?

Yes. In March, the EMS system will upgrade even for campuses that haven’t transitioned to Reserve Tufts (Grafton, Boston). These upgrades will only impact the front-end user interface (i.e., the web app) and will primarily modernize the interface and make it more user-friendly and intuitive. Training will be provided ahead of this launch.

The back-end of the system (i.e., Desktop Windows Client) will not be impacted, so space POCs on Grafton and Boston using EMS will not be impacted ahead of their campuses’ Reserve Tufts roll-out later in 2019.

Will launching Reserve Tufts in the middle of the semester for Medford / Somerville be a problem?

No. All learning spaces on the Medford / Somerville campus use the underlying system, EMS, for classroom scheduling. It is primarily event and administrative spaces that will be transitioning to Reserve Tufts and these spaces should not be as dependent on the academic schedule.

If the timeline becomes an issue for a certain space, accommodations can be made. Please contact the Reserve Tufts implementation team at with questions and concerns.

Will people outside of Tufts be able to use the system to submit space requests?

No. Reserve Tufts is for internal use only. Faculty, staff, and students will be the primary users of Reserve Tufts, although access will vary with students having limited access. If external individuals or groups would like to use Tufts space, they will need to contact Conference & Event Services or Government & Community Relations to submit a request.

Will students be able to use Reserve Tufts to reserve space and event service providers?

Students and student groups will use Reserve Tufts to reserve spaces that are meant for student use (e.g., study rooms) or have been deemed appropriate for use by student use (e.g., event spaces, classrooms).

Undergraduate students will continue to follow the Office of Campus Life Event Planning processes to reserve event service providers. For graduate students, we will work with the Student Affairs Office of each graduate school and the event service providers to formalize the appropriate process.

How long will the Reserve Tufts survey take to complete?

Each survey should take 15-20 minutes complete. This time may vary slightly based on the complexity of the space and its policies.

How many surveys will I receive if I am the primary POC for multiple spaces?

Each survey is customized to validate and collect data for a single space. For POCs who manage multiple spaces, you will receive a survey for each space. POCs that manage more than 10 spaces, a member of the Reserve Tufts team will contact you separately to collect space information directly.

What should I do if I expect to receive a survey about a space that I am the primary POC for, but I don’t get one?

If you didn’t get a request to take a survey to validate and provide information for space about which you are knowledgeable, please contact for more information. Our contact lists may not have been fully updated and we are trying to find you!

Will I receive training on how to use Reserve Tufts?

Yes. Primary space points of contact who have not used EMS in the past will receive detailed training on how to use the system. We will be contacting those individuals specifically after the completion of the survey to schedule trainings.

For those making only space requests, the user interface of Reserve Tufts is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so only minimal training is required. Webinars and detailed instructions will be provided electronically for those who need additional information.

When using Reserve Tufts Outlook add-on, how can I send a meeting invite without including a location with a pending space request?

You can schedule a meeting and put it on attendees’ Outlook calendar without including a non-confirmed room reservation in two ways:

  1. Make the room reservation request on the web application. Once the request has been approved, include the location in the meeting invite. However, if the meeting time changes, the room request will not automatically update, and a location request will need to be made separately (this is how it happens today).
  2. Make a room reservation request in a separate Outlook invite. Once the request has been approved, include the location in the meeting invite. If the meeting time changes, both calendar invites will need to be moved to ensure the location is reserved.

Who should I contact if I have another question?

Please send any other questions to