Signatory Authority Policy

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Policy Overview

The Bylaws (“Bylaws”) of the Trustees of Tufts College (the “University”) designate the President of the University as the leader of the educational policy and chief executive officer of the University. Section 3.1.3 of the Bylaws provides that:

“Signatory Authority The President shall have power to sign in the name and on behalf of the University all duly authorized contracts, deeds and other instruments, including acceptances of gifts, bequests and devises to the University. Any such instrument may also be signed in the name and on behalf of the University by the Chair of the Board or any other person designated for that purpose by the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee.”

This policy represents an outline of the scope of authority being granted to the various officers and employees of the University. Nothing in this Policy shall be deemed to override the authority granted by the Bylaws to the Board of Trustees and its established committees or to specific officers of the University.   Questions concerning the interpretation of this policy and its application in specific situations should be forwarded to the Executive Vice President and/or University Counsel.

Except as otherwise set forth herein, all persons designated as having signature authority under this Policy are hereby authorized to execute, acknowledge and deliver to external parties, in the name and on behalf of the University, any and all agreements, documents or other instruments permitted herein that they determine to be necessary or appropriate to carry out the transactions authorized thereby.

Except as provided in this Policy, no faculty member, staff or student has authority to enter into any contract or financial commitment on behalf of the University.  Individuals who purport to enter into contracts or financial commitments on behalf of the University without authority may be personally liable for such contracts or commitments, whether oral or written.  Individuals who enter into unauthorized contracts or commitments may also be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

All financial commitments on behalf of the University are subject to budget approval.