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Antivirus (Personal Computers)

Trend Micro Antivirus software protects your personally-owned computer from viruses, malware, and spam.


  • Trend Micro Antivirus offers protection against malware, spyware, and spam on your personal laptop or desktop computer.
  • Includes secure deletion tools and allows you to block access to specific websites.
Available To
Operating System
Please note that Trend Micro Antivirus is only available for Windows

Get Started

Install antivirus software on your personal computer
  1. From a browser window on a personally-owned computer, go to the Tufts-affiliated On the Hub store.
  2. Click the Sign In link located in the upper-right corner and, when prompted, enter your Tufts Username and Tufts Password.
  3. Select either the Faculty/Staff or Student tab.
  4. Click More Software, then click Security & Utilities, choose Trend Micro and proceed with the purchase.

NOTE: Please look in the upper-right corner to verify that you are signed in. This will provide access to the correct licensing and pricing.