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Email for Students

Tufts provides current students with email and a calendar via Microsoft Office 365. Tufts alumni, starting with the Class of 2015, can keep their @tufts.edu email address for life and forward to the email address of their choice.


  • Microsoft Office 365 provides students with email and calendar access via Office Online
  • You can also access your email and calendar via mobile devices or desktop email apps for Mac and Windows
  • Office 365 includes access to a full version of Microsoft Office that can be installed on up to five computers and five mobile devices
  • Email for Life for Tufts Alumni: Starting with the class of 2015, alumni have the option to keep their @tufts.edu email address and have incoming email forwarded to a personal account. To send your @tufts.edu email to a personal account, follow the step-by-step email forwarding instructions. If you will be graduating soon, you should also forward or copy any emails that you want to keep. They will be deleted from Tufts' servers after you graduate.
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Email for Students documentation
Sending Secure Email to Non-Tufts Addresses

To send sensitive or private data to people outside of Tufts (i.e. addresses other than @tufts.edu), simply add the word “secure” in square brackets –  [secure] – to the subject line of any email you send from your @tufts.edu address. The recipient of your email will receive a link directing them to a secure Tufts website where they can read and reply to your email. 

While secure email provides extra protection when sending messages to non-Tufts addresses, it does not eliminate risk and does not prevent recipients from forwarding your email. You should ensure that you are in compliance with applicable laws and Tufts policies when communicating sensitive data.

Please note that email sent within the Tufts network is always encrypted and you do not need to take any additional steps to secure your messages.

Learn more about secure email