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Learning Catalytics

Solicit and display feedback from students with a "Bring Your Own Device" classroom response system. (Similar to: Clickers)


  • Design questions with a variety of flexible formats, including open-ended, algebraic, or graphical questions in addition to multiple-choice polling
  • Check student understanding in real-time during a lecture, encourage active participation by all students, and provide opportunities for peer learning
Available To
Faculty: Free
Students: $12/6 months, $20/12 months (check with your instructor)

Get Started


Contact edtech@tufts.edu to set up your free account and discuss how you can leverage Learning Catalytics in your lectures


If your instructor is using Learning Catalytics they will provide instructions for how to purchase/access the system. Keep in mind that you may already have access to Learning Catalytics through other Pearson products like MasteringBiology or MyMathLab. Click this link to learn more: Do I already have access to Learning Catalytics?

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When to use

Collect responses in a course of more than 40 students; engage students by allowing them to use their laptops and smartphones for learning; pose questions that require students to produce an answer rather than recognize it.

Learning Catalytics documentation