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Terminal emulation for Windows computers that provides secure, encrypted login and data transfer.


  • Secure, encrypted login and data transfer on Windows PCs
  • SecureCRT, or a comparable Secure Shell (SSH) login product, is required for all users of the Emerald, Bioinformatics, and Andante systems
Available To
Operating System
Please note that SecureCRT is only available for Windows

Get Started

Install SecureCRT on a Tufts-owned computer

Submit a request to Tufts Technology Services or call 617-627-3376.

Install SecureCRT on a personally-owned computer

Download SecureCRT for Windows (64-bit)

  1. You must logĀ in to Tufts Box with your Tufts Username and Password (same as email, Trunk, TUSK, SIS, etc.) before you can access the SecureCRT download.
  2. Once the download has completed, double-click on scrtxxx.exe. This will begin the installation process. During this process, accept all defaults. The installation should take less than 5 minutes.