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Integrated statistical software package that provides facilities for data analysis, data management, and graphics.


  • Advanced techniques, such as survival models with frailty, dynamic panel data (DPD) regressions, generalized estimating equations (GEE), multilevel mixed models, models with sample selection, multiple imputations, ARCH, and estimation with complex survey samples
  • Summary statistics
  • Data Management facilities
  • Publication-quality graphics
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Get Started

Purchase and install Stata on a Tufts-owned or personal computer
  1. Review the information available at the Stata website under Stata Package Selection Information to determine which Stata GradPlan package best suits your needs.
  2. Order your chosen package directly from the Stata web site.
  3. After the purchase has been processed, Stata will send an activation key in a separate email.
Use Stata in a computer lab

Stata IC is available in the Data Lab as well as other computer labs on campus, including Eaton and Mugar.

Use Stata on the research cluster

Stata SE is available on the research cluster. You can request a cluster account by going to research.uit.tufts.edu and submitting the application form.

Before accessing Stata on the cluster, please contact Tufts Technology Services at 617-627-3376 or it@tufts.edu for an assessment of whether or not your computer’s display meets Stata X-Windows support requirements. On occasion, the TTS Service Desk may need to make configuration changes for compatibility.