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Emergency alert system providing critical safety information to the Tufts community.

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  • Receive timely text, voice, and email alerts with information that may be critical to your safety. For alerts to be effective, you should always keep your contact information up-to-date in TuftsAlert.
  • Get immediate emergency notifications on your computer’s desktop by installing Alertus Desktop alert software.
  • Sign up for opt-in alerts for Tufts campuses other than your primary campus, and to get a text notification in the event of a weather-related closing. Visit emergency.tufts.edu/alerts/opt-in for more information and to sign up.
Available To
Operating System
Please note that desktop alerts are only available for Windows and Mac

Get Started

Confirm your information to receive alerts via text and voice

In the event of an emergency, it is vital that your contact information is accurate. Visit emergency.tufts.edu/alertupdate to confirm or update your contact information. The most important point of contact you can provide is a text-enabled mobile number. Alerts will be sent to your Tufts email address by default.

Install Alertus Desktop alert software

On a Tufts-owned computer

Use the Ivanti Software Portal on your Tufts computer, or submit a request to Tufts Technology Services (617-627-3376) for assistance with installation of the Alertus Desktop alert software. Alertus is available on all classroom and lab computers.

On a personal computer

Download Alertus Desktop alert software for Windows or Mac from the Tufts Office of Emergency Management.

Learn More

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