Submitting Personnel Actions- as of June 3, 2019

Submitting Personnel Actions- as of June 3, 2019

The eServe Workforce Portal

Changes occur throughout an employee’s career with the University. There are a variety of requests that can be submitted through the eServe Workforce Portal to update faculty, staff, student, and temporary worker employee records and process activity related a change during employment including promotion, transfer, hours change, supplemental pay, non-Medical Leaves of Absence, etc; and a separation from the University.

Authorized Submitters and Approvers

Some Tufts administrators and supervisors are authorized to submit and/or approve requests for personnel actions through eServe. If you are an authorized submitter or authorized approver you will have access to the Workforce Portal on eServe. Through the Workforce Portal you will be able to submit and track requests you have submitted, as well as approve requests submitted by others. If you believe you should have access to the Workforce Portal, please get in touch with your Department Manager or EAD, and send a completed PeopleSoft HRMS Admin Application to TSS

Workflows and Approvals

When a personnel action is submitted via the eServe Workforce Portal, an automated, online approval process (approval chain) is initiated that ensures that appropriate administrators and supervisors review and approve the requested changes. Each required approver will be notified in turn via email and can approve the request via the Workforce portal. If you have submitted a request, you can review its approval status at any time by using the Review Requests tile on the Workforce portal.


Personnel Changes

Many different types of employment changes can be requested via the Workforce Portal including the changes listed below. See the associated job aids for detailed instructions and the required approvals.

  • Transfer to Job – Job Aid
  • Change Job – Job Aid
  • Change Pay and Labor – Job Aid
  • Make Timekeeper – Job Aid
  • Supplemental Pay – Job Aid
  • Non-Medical Leave of Absence (Academic, Non-Academic, Semester, Summer) – Job Aid * 
  • Non-Medical Return from Leave of Absence – Job Aid *
  • Name Change – Job Aid

*For Medical Leaves for Faculty, contact your OFA, who will submit the necessary details/PAF to TSS; For Medical Leaves for Staff, contact

Batched Requests (minimum of 15 transactions and maximum of 500 transactions) for Department Change, Location Change, One-Time Supplemental Pay, and Summer/Semester Leaves may be submitted to TSS using the templates available in the Workforce Portal- Batched Requests.  

Changes from Non-Exempt to Exempt Status or from Exempt to Non-Exempt Status
When changing a Staff member's FLSA status from non-exempt to exempt (hourly to salaried) or from exempt to non-exempt (salaried to hourly), after having a conversation with Human Resources regarding the change in status, please get in touch with TSS to initiate the Change, rather than submitting an online request through eServe. TSS will need the effective date and the new semi-monthly or weekly rate. Note that for Students, this type of change can be made through ePAF, by first Terming one Job and then entering the new Job.

Joint Appointments

Joint Appointments for Faculty and Postdocs can be requested via the Workforce Portal.  See the associated job aids for detailed instructions and the required approvals.

  • Joint Appointment: Job Change – Job Aid
  • Joint Appointment: Pay and Labor Change – Job Aid


Separations from the University can be requested through the eServe Workforce Portal. Voluntary Separation requests can be initiated by authorized department admins and OFAs, but will not be fully processed until the Resignation Letter is emailed to TSS. Involuntary Separations and Layoffs can only be initiated by HR Business Partners. See the associated job aids for detailed instructions and the required approvals.

  • Voluntary Separation – Job Aid (incl. Accepted Other Employment, Relocation, Resignation, Return to School, Retired)
  • Involuntary Separation – Job Aid (incl. Contract Expiration, End of Limited Appointment, Job Abandonment, Job Protection Expired, Not Eligible to Work, Death, etc.) Must be processed by HRBP except FACULTY Contract Expiration or End of Limited Appointment, which can be processed by emailing TSS with details
  • Separation - Layoff – Job Aid

Hiring Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, and Temporary Employees

ePAF will continue to be used, without changes, for hiring functions for faculty, staff, students, and temporary workers. You may access ePAF via a tile on the eServe Workforce Portal. See the Knowledge Article on ePAF for more information.
Note that ePAF will no longer be used for Labor Distribution, Pay Rate Changes, or Terminations.

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