Suppliers/Payees Setup

In order to make a payment or place an order with a supplier, the individual/company must first be added to PeopleSoft Finance system if they are not already there. They do not need to be registered in PaymentWorks if they are already in PeopleSoft, but inviting them to PaymentWorks provides an opportunity for them to enroll in Direct Deposit (EFT) as well as confirm address and name information!

Verifying Whether a Supplier/Individual exists in PeopleSoft
Before you can create an eREq, you need to be sure a supplier exists in PeopleSoft. To verify whether a supplier exists in the system, check eREQ PO suppliers or contact 
Before you submit a request for a Check Voucher to be processed, please write the Supplier ID on the document (if you know it). Otherwise, and for all Student/Guest Travel or Business Reimbursements, please submit the document to TSS with the Payee Name and Email Address and we will make sure the Payee is in the system/invite through Paymentworks if needed. If you would like to give the Supplier advance notice that they may be expecting an email from PaymentWorks, please feel free to use this template: "As we move forward in making payment to you from Tufts, you’ll be receiving an email from PaymentWorks with instructions to register with your payee details.  This is a requirement in order to be paid by the university.  If you have any questions please contact or call 617-627-7000.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation." 

Adding a New Supplier/Individual

Tufts University has collaborated with PaymentWorks to streamline the process of creating new suppliers (vendors, students, or individuals) paid through Accounts Payable. Benefits of the online onboarding process include: suppliers ability to provide their own tax documentation, check payment status on open and paid invoices and make updates to their company/personal profile. Through the PaymentWorks platform, the process of inviting a supplier to enroll is as simple as sending an email. This new automated process will provide complete transparency from invitation through supplier creation in PeopleSoft saving time for all parties involved.

The appropriate forms will be automatically be generated in PaymentWorks according to the Supplier Type  (US Citizen, US Company, or Resident Alien will be a W9; International Individual will be a W8BEN; International Company will be W8BEN-E.)  Note that the Alien Payment Form, if applicable, will not be generated in PaymentWorks nor submitted through PaymentWorks, but rather will still be submitted as a paper form at the time the Check Voucher is submitted.

Click here for a link to PaymentWorks

Click here to see the Initiator Guide for the instructions on how to invite a supplier through PaymentWorks. (the three pieces of information that the Department needs to fill out for the PaymentWorks invitation are name, email address and commodity type).

Click here for a key to decide which Vendor Type/ Category to choose when Sending a PaymentWorks Invitation. 

Click here for Reimbursement/Student Enrollment Guide (to complete in order to be paid)
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions
Departments or Suppliers can contact PaymentWorks directly by emailing them at   

If a Supplier is already registered in PaymentWorks for business with another School/Company that uses PaymentWorks, you will still send the Invitation and the Supplier will have to fill out limited information that is specific to Tufts, but will not have to complete the entire registration process again.

Modifying a Supplier
If the supplier registered with Tufts through PaymentWorks, the supplier can update their information in PaymentWorks by logging in at with the account information used to register. Then going to the top right corner "Company Profile".  Once on the company profile page, they will be able to select which section they need to update. (Marketing Information, Business Details, Tax Forms, Remittance Addresses and Bank Details). Click here for Screenshot.

All updates will feed PeopleSoft after a review from the AP department. If the supplier is not registered through PaymentWorks, please send an invitation so that they can make the changes in the system.



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