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Tufts plays a crucial role in helping the world adapt to a changing planet while tackling such challenging issues as climate change and resource depletion. The university’s goal is to be a leader in the responsible stewardship of the physical environment by cultivating knowledge in our students, staff, and faculty of sustainable issues and solutions across disciplines. 

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From campus operations to the classroom, Sustainability at Tufts is a collective effort spanning operations and academics, and our campuses in Boston, Grafton, and Medford/Somerville. From class projects and cutting-edge research, to extracurricular activities and internships, sustainability is an integral part of Tufts life.

Tufts sustainability goals include

  • Playing an international role in fostering a cradle-to-cradle economy including reducing waste by 3% each year, on average, through source reduction, waste management strategies, and behavior change. 
  • Employing an integrated water management approach that reduces consumption, promotes reuse, and minimizes impacts on the environment.
  • Meeting our greenhouse gas reduction goals through energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, clean energy, and adaptation planning.

Read more about these goals in the Campus Sustainability Council Report and view Tufts’ progress from the past year.

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Source: Tufts Office of Sustainability