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Time Off Request and Reporting in AccessTufts

The Time Off application in AccessTufts, currently in beta, simplifies the process of requesting and reporting time off (vacation, personal time, sick time, etc.) for staff and faculty who do not rely on an existing time entry application such as The Online Time Entry system (Dental School) or Empower (Facilities).

If your department or team is using the Time Off application in AccessTufts, please follow the instructions below for requesting time off. Please contact us if you have questions or encounter problems when using the form.

Steps to Request Time Off

  1. Once you have logged in, AccessTufts will fill in most, if not all, of the employee information fields.
  2. Fill in the Time Off information fields. This is the information that will be sent to your supervisor when you submit the form.  
  3. Enter the email address of the person who handles timekeeping for your department. Note: You may enter a mailbox address here, such as
  4. Click Submit and AccessTufts will automatically send your request to your supervisor. You will see the request in your AccessTufts Dashboard marked as ‘Pending.’  
  5. Your supervisor will receive an email containing a link to their AccessTufts Dashboard where they can review and either approve or deny the request.
  6. You will be notified by email when your supervisor approves or denies the request and the status of the request will change accordingly in your Dashboard. 
  7. If approved, take the time off.
  8. 24 hours after you return from the approved time off, you will receive a notification from AccessTufts informing you that the time taken will be reported automatically to your timekeeper in 5 business days.  
    • If you do nothing, an email containing the time off information will be sent to the timekeeper email address you provided in 5 business days.
    • Sometimes circumstances change after you have received approval to take time off and you cannot take the time, or can only take a portion of the time. The notification email you received contains a link to a form where you can modify what time will be reported. Clicking Submit on this form will send the modified time off information to your timekeeper. Your supervisor will also be notified by email that a change to the approved time off was made.

Do you want to provide feedback on the Time Off Request form? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message

Request Time Off
Currently available to TTS Employees