Training & Resources for Accessibility

Tufts offers a number of training/resources to help faculty, staff, and students make accessible digital content.

Content Creators

Faculty, staff, and student producers of digital content using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs, Canvas, Audio and Video.

Resources for Content Creators

Web Developers/Managers

Evaluating your website and accessibility tips for WordPress and Drupal sites.

Resources for Web Developers/Managers

Additional Resources

If you are looking for information, please email, or explore some of these external sources.

  • Accessibility in Canvas: Contains help documentation and a forum for implementing accessibility features within Canvas.
  • University of Florida: This site has general information on many different aspects of digital accessibility including for Canvas, course curriculum, purchasing, and the creation of accessible documents. Also provides Course Accessibility Checklists for self-evaluation.
  • Penn State University: Penn State’s resource is laid out as a self-paced training structure. It includes defining how common accommodations (digital and otherwise) can benefit more than the users they are intended to support.
  • University of Washington: University of Washington’s resource includes Web Developer perspectives’ on incorporating and including accessibility in their work, includes blog posts, videos and examples.

What Should I Do Now?

  • Check out the other pages in this section to learn more. Always make sure your work at Tufts meets WCAG AA guidelines; reference this short checklist before publishing your work.
  • Beyond guidelines, if you’d like training in accessibility:
    • If you have access to SiteImprove, check out the online courses linked from the “Further Training” page.
    • If you don’t, check out the articles and tutorials on WebAim.