Travel and Procurement Cards

Tufts University provides employees with two types of credit cards for purchasing business-related goods: The Procurement Card (PCard) and the Tufts Travel MasterCard.

Procurement Card

The Procurement Card (PCard) is a credit card that should be used for purchases of non-restricted commodities (excluding travel expenses) up to $5,000 from any supplier that accepts MasterCard. 

Note: The PCard Application System will be unavailable Friday 5/31 at noon through Saturday 6/1. 

Procurement Card purchases must be supported by at least one of the following items:

  • The actual sales slip
  • The cash register receipt
  • A copy of the order form
  • A supplier/merchant statement
  • Packing Slip
  • Online order confirmations (screen printout)

PCard Restrictions

Fraudulent and/or misuse of the card is grounds for revoking Procurement Card privileges and may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Non-Tufts employees, temporary and student employees are not eligible for Procurement Cards.

PCard receipts involving purchases made on a Grant

OVPR Post-Award Research Administration requires that PCard receipts be uploaded into PeopleSoft for all purchases charged to sponsored awards. This facilitates providing documentation for external and internal audits and reduces requests for documentation from the departments. In the PeopleSoft PCard application, you can add receipts to a PCard transaction by clicking on the Justification Full-Screen icon. The attachment can be added on either un-posted or posted transaction pages.

Tufts Travel Card

The Tufts Travel Card is a credit card that must be used for travel-related business expenses, such as hotel bookings, rental cars, and meals, as well as conference registrations. The travel card is issued by JP Morgan Chase and provided free of charge to university employees. It allows you to obtain cash advances from ATMs worldwide and includes a comprehensive travel insurance package.

Note: The Travel Card Application System will be unavailable Friday 5/31 at noon through Saturday 6/1. 

Personal Purchases

Our agreement with JP Morgan Chase, the issuing bank, requires that the card be utilized for Tufts business purposes only and that it should not be used for personal purchases of any kind. The Tufts Corporate MasterCard Program was developed to assist employees who are required to travel on behalf of the university and/or pay for Tufts business-related expenses. It is not intended to be used for personal purchases. Failure to strictly adhere to this policy will jeopardize the tax-exempt status of the Corporate Card Program, or possibly the tax-exempt status of the University

Reconciling Expenses

Each individual cardholder is required to have access to the Apptricity system in order to reconcile charges. The application for the system is part of the MasterCard application.

All card transactions will be loaded into the Apptricity system. Users are responsible for the timely reconciliation of all charges placed on the Card by utilizing the Apptricity system.

Lost or Stolen Card

Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately to JP Morgan Chase by calling 800-316-6056 and to the Travel Card Administrator by calling 617-627-7000 or emailing


If a charge is not recognized by the cardholder or appears to be incorrect, the cardholder must submit a “Card Dispute Form (PDF)” within 60 days. Also, send a copy of the completed form to Tufts Support Services, 62R Talbot Avenue, Medford, MA 02155. The original form should be faxed to JP Morgan Chase at 847-622-2495. Blank dispute forms can be obtained by contacting Tufts Support Services at 617-627-7000.

Declined Card

If your card is declined, contact the issuing bank at the toll-free number on the back of your card.