Tufts Apps and Software - Find IT, Get IT, Use IT

If we build it, will you come?  We hope so – because it’s here – the Apps and Software section of AccessTufts is live!

“I wish it were easy to find Tufts software in one place. I didn’t know Tufts offered that app. If only I could find and sort on software available to students. How can I figure out what software is available for free?”

Sound familiar? These are some of the things the community has been saying and we heard you loud and clear! We are pleased to announce that the Tufts Apps and Software section was built with your needs in mind and is available on AccessTufts as of October 17!

Our goal with this section is to provide our community an easier way to find, get and use apps and software available at Tufts and browse information based on their own needs. This new interactive section was built using a SOLR interface which improves indexing and search making it easy and quick to search and find what you are looking for. It can be accessed on your computer, tablet, and smart phone as well as on the Tufts Mobile app.

Benefits and Features

Amongst the new features, this section brings together over 60 products available to faculty, staff, and students. It highlights a Featured Product at the top of the page and enables the ability to filter and sort based on who you are and your needs.

The entire product list is sortable from A-Z and Z-A and includes four different types of filters:

  1. Cost – is the product discounted or free
  2. Available to – based on our licensing, who can use the product; Faculty, Staff and/or Students
  3. Use – where and on what devices can you use the products: computer labs, mobile app, personal devices, and/or Tufts-owned computers
  4. Categories – there are 16 different categories based on uses to help refine your search including Conferencing and Collaboration; Data Analysis and Statistics; Desktop Computing; Email and Calendaring; Facilities’ File Storage and Sharing; Finance; Human Resources; Mathematics; Modeling, Visualization, GIS; Project Management’ Research’ Teaching and Learning; Web and Graphic Design; WiFi and Networking; and Writing and Citations

All products are built to be easily browsed, searched, and expanded to provide more detail information.

  • Product logos/icons – provide a visual that enables easier scanning of the full list of products.
  • Product Cards – clicking the down arrow, opens up a card that includes a brief description, an action button to get the product (if applicable), and a learn more link that opens up a detailed product page.
  • Product Pages – there is a detailed product page for each app or software including information about features, cost, available to information, how to get started, and links to online documentation to learn more.

Our practice with AccessTufts has been to continually iterate and improve the site. The same is true for this section and as we learn of new apps and software that are appropriate for this section, we will iterate and update the tool.

Feedback and Support

We want to hear from you! We hope that you will check out the site, browse the products and share with us your feedback. What do you like? Any opportunities for improvement? Do you know of apps or software that should be here that aren’t? Let us know by sending your comments and feedback to access-feedback@elist.tufts.edu.

If you have any questions about using the Apps and Software section, please contact the TTS Service Desk at (617)627-3376 or it@tufts.edu.

We hope that you like this tool providing a one-stop-shop for browsing and accessing apps and software at Tufts!