Tuition Billing and Due Dates

Billing Statements

Tufts University bills tuition and fees electronically via Tufts eBill*. New students will receive preliminary information in May or June through their Admissions Office, outlining the Tufts eBill enrollment and billing process. Beginning in June, new students will receive a specific email notice from “” directing them to go to the Tufts eBill website to set up a personal account. Once a student’s account has been set up, others (i.e. parents) may be invited by the student to view and/or pay the bill. This invitation should only be used for personal relationships. Tufts eBill is not for use in billing 3rd party sponsors, scholarship organizations or grant administrators. Please see 3rd Party Billing instructions under the “Financial Clearance” section.

In early July, when most Fall semester bills are issued, students and all other invited viewers will receive an email notice from “” that a tuition eBill has been posted to the Tufts eBill website. On receipt of this notice, it is important that the Tufts eBill be viewed and dealt with promptly. If, within two weeks prior to your enrollment date in any semester, you have not received the emails described above, or received a bill, it is your responsibility to contact us.

Tufts eBills are issued in the first week of July (Fall semester) and the second week in November (Spring semester). Thereafter, eBills are issued weekly if you have new charges, and monthly if you have an outstanding balance. The July and November statements are issued to all enrolled students even though you may not have a payment due. This practice ensures that you have a record of your charges. After any charge has appeared on a bill, it will be summarized as a "previous balance" on subsequent bills. For this reason, Tufts eBill provides an online record of previous eBills for the last 24 months. If, at any time, you need more account detail than your eBill shows, you may contact our Office for a complete statement of your account.

*If you are not able to access an electronic bill, please contact the Bursar by June 15th, preceding your next enrollment semester to request alternate billing arrangements. Requests must be in writing explaining the need to receive a paper bill. All requests must come from the student, and be renewed annually.

Provisional Credits

Your initial bill may also show provisional credits, usually listed as "Due from…" or "Expected...". These indicate that loan or scholarship funds are expected, but have not yet been received. Though such items do not require payment, if they are not replaced by actual disbursements within 30-45 days, you may need to follow up.

Payment Due Dates

Fall semester bills are due in the first week of August. Spring semester bills are due in the first week of December. The specific due date each semester will be noted on your bill. Payments must be received by the due date printed on the statement in order to avoid a late payment fine. Bills generated after the semester due date will still reflect the original due date and are considered to be "due upon receipt". If courses or services are added after the semester due date, advance payment is required.

Exceptions to above due dates:

  • Dental postgraduate programs that begin on July 1st are billed in the first week of May with a due date of June 1st.
  • Dental DMD International Students, whose initial semester starts in mid-April, are billed by the second week of February and have a due date of the second week in March.
  • Public Health and Professional Degree programs that have classes beginning in mid-January have a January 2nd due date.
  • Occasionally, extenuating circumstances warrant an extension of the payment due date. Students who need to be considered for a brief extension should contact the Health Sciences Bursar at (617) 636-2141.

Student Address Maintenance

Though all bills are posted electronically on the Tufts eBill website, we will still need to use your SIS Billing address for any important communication regarding your account. We also use your SIS Local address for the mailing of student refund checks. If your billing, local or permanent address changes, you are responsible for updating your records in the Student Information System (SIS) on a timely basis. Procedures for changing SIS addresses vary by School and by address type. In some cases, students are expected to update their own addresses via "SISOnline" (see “Helpful Links” page). In other cases, you need to submit changes through your Registrar's Office. It is important to be familiar with your School's procedure as you are ultimately responsible for maintaining correct contact information.

Billing Rights Summary

If you believe that your bill is incorrect, or if you would like more information about a transaction on your bill, please write to us at:

Tufts University
Health Sciences Bursar's Office
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

We must hear from you within 60 days of the bill on which the error or item of concern first appeared. You may telephone us, but doing so will not preserve your rights. In your letter, please include:

  1. Student name and ID# or SS#.
  2. The dollar amount of the suspected error.
  3. A description of the error, and an explanation, if possible, of why you believe the error occurred.

You do not have to pay the amount in question while we are investigating, but you are obligated to pay the portion of your bill that is not in question.