What Do You Want From AccessTufts?

A little over a year ago, Tufts launched AccessTufts – a new website for administrative tasks to enable faculty and staff to get work done! As we reflect on the past year and what was accomplished, we also must look to the future and develop a roadmap for the future.
That is where you come in! The community has been fantastic about providing feedback throughout the year on what works and what needs to be fixed. Those ideas have been captured, fixes have been made, some ideas have been implemented, and others are still being considered for future enhancements. As the project team now looks to build a 3-year strategic roadmap for AccessTufts, we need your input.
You are invited to participate in a collaborative campaign to shape the future of AccessTufts:

  • Campaign: What Do YOU Want (need) from AccessTufts?
  • Timeframe: This six-week campaign runs from January 29 – March 9
  • Input/suggestions/ideas: Provide ideas about what features or content you feel we should have in AccessTufts. Is there information you need but feel is hard to find? Are there processes at Tufts you feel are needlessly complex? Are there paper forms that you would prefer to fill out online? Other ideas?
  • Get Started: Go to the Tufts Idea Hub! The Tufts Idea Hub uses ideascale which is a crowdsourcing/collaboration tool that allows the community to provide ideas as part of a campaign, see what others are suggesting, comment on other’s ideas and vote on ideas that are part of the AccessTufts campaign. 

At the end of the campaign, the AccessTufts projects team will review all the ideas and comments and look at how they fit into the strategic roadmap. We will share the summary of ideas and decisions that are made for the future of those idea. And if your idea is selected to be part of the strategic roadmap, you will be invited to participate in the discovery, development and delivery of that idea (if you wish to get in on the action).
We look forward to hearing what you have to say and thank you for helping to shape the next generation of AccessTufts!